son·sy || 'sɑnsɪ /'sɒn- adj. having large breasts and a rounded figure (of a woman); comely; buxom, healthy, plump (of a woman); cheerful, good-natured (British); that brings good luck, lucky (British)

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  • sonsy — /son see/, adj., sonsier, sonsiest. Scot. and North Eng., Irish Eng. 1. strong and healthy; robust. 2. agreeable; good natured. Also, sauncy, sonsie. [1525 35; sonse prosperity, good fortune (ME (Scots) < ScotGael sonas, MIr sonus, deriv. of sona …   Universalium

  • sonsy — [ sɒnsi] (also sonsie) adjective (sonsier, sonsiest) Scottish literary attractive and healthy. Origin C16 (also in the sense lucky ): from Ir. and Sc. Gaelic sonas good fortune (from sona fortunate ) + y1 …   English new terms dictionary

  • sonsy — /ˈsɒnsi/ (say sonsee) adjective (sonsier, sonsiest) Scottish, Irish buxom or comely. Also, sonsie. {British dialect sonse prosperity (from Gaelic sonas) + y1} …   Australian English dictionary

  • sonsy — adj. (also sonsie) (sonsier, sonsiest) Sc. 1 plump, buxom. 2 of a cheerful disposition. 3 bringing good fortune. Etymology: ult. f. Ir. & Gael. sonas good fortune f. sona fortunate …   Useful english dictionary